Essential Cooper Young Hangout: Memphis Made Tap Room

Jun 24 Essential Cooper Young Hangout: Memphis Made Tap Room

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Memphis Made Brewing Company’s Tap Room has been open since last fall, and while I’ve made several visits, I haven’t written too much in detail about this great Cooper Young hangout. Until now.

Memphis Made is a small production brewery in Midtown; co-owners Drew Barton and Andy Ashby have been brewing under the Memphis Made brand since 2013. They have one year-round beer, Lucid Kolsch, and a healthy selection of seasonal and rotating beers that you can buy at the tap room, or one of the many bars, restaurants, and growling filling stations that carry them.

The tap room on a slightly colder day.

The tap room is in Cooper Young, just north of the train trestle and right next to the big red I Love Memphis mural. It’s a large, white warehouse sort of building, and inside is a clearly a working brewery, with all manner of equipment and kegs stored on high shelves.

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There’s a bar with between three and seven beers on tap; you can get 10 ounce ($3) or 20 ounce ($6) beers to drink on the premises Fridays and Saturdays or fill …read more

Source: I Love Memphis Blog

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