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Our Mission

We hope you’ll find our passion for the Memphis beer scene to be both informative and infectious. As we witness the city’s craft beer explosion, we hope to chronicle our experiences and stay connected with you here. Whether it’s information or a really good beer you’re looking for, our motto is simple — Let No Man Thirst.

What you’ll find here:

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Our People

Ryan Guess
Mention the words craft beer and Ryan’s ears will immediately perk up. You’ll have his full attention. This goes back about five years ago to the first time he tried Delirium Tremens (needless to say those little pink elephants on that beer bottle are pretty powerful). Over the past two years his love for craft beer has grown by leaps and bounds, as has his desire to introduce more people to beers other than the Big 3 (Miller, Coors, and Bud).
He believes beer is something to be enjoyed with every sip — not just a way to get a buzz. Ryan constantly wants to share this feeling with the city of Memphis through knowledge and beer education, and that led him to starting Memphis Craft Beer. But while he loves spreading the word, craft beer comes in third behind his love of family and Highpoint Church.
Jake Shaw
Craft beer consumes Jake Shaw’s thoughts, his time, and (as his wife would point out) much of his money. He vividly remembers drinking a Fat Tire back in 2000 — his gateway into craft beer — but his passion for great beer got a jumpstart when he lived in Belgium for two glorious years. It was there he took a break from his sportswriting career to write restaurant reviews, a weekly expat advice column and feature stories on Belgian beer, which helped him realize Belgians, despite their proud brewing history, are just as susceptible to mass-produced beers as his fellow Americans.
Jake loves beers of all styles, but he’s mostly into sours, saisons and stouts (especially when they’re barrel-aged). A Memphian since 2011, Jake has been watching with great interest as Memphis has started its transformation into a craft beer friendly city. Now he’s looking forward to help covering the scene with the guys at Memphis Craft Beer.
Tom Fitzhugh
Growing up and going to college in Tennessee, Tom was never really exposed to large amounts of good craft beer. It wasn’t until he moved to Washington D.C. that he found his love for craft beer. The beer that began his journey was Jolly Pumpkin’s Calabaza Blanca. He was sitting at his local watering hole when his friend (and beer director at the time) recommended trying a wild ale. Not too sure what to think, he took one sip and the rest is history.
After a couple of years home brewing, Tom got the opportunity to work at 3 Stars Brewing Company as an Assistant Brewer. He contributes majority of all his beer knowledge to his good friends in D.C… Tom is looking forward to sharing his love and knowledge of craft beer with Memphis through writing articles and attending future events.
Scott Carpenter
Craft beer has been a central part of Scott’s social identify for over five years now, first finding joy in introducing friends to new craft beer experiences and later meeting new friends through this close knit community of beer lovers. Scott’s “blue” pill moment was realized in a bar in Milwaukee where he ordered a flight of “dark” beers that included of Goose Island Bourbon County, New Holland Dragons Milk and Sprecher BA Doppelbock. At that moment, his world was changed and he realized there was no going back.
Scott moved to Memphis from Wisconsin in 2013 and brought love (and collection) of barrel aged beers with him. Since arriving, he has had the opportunity to witness the explosive growth of craft beer options and venues throughout the city and looks forward to reporting back on how the scene evolves in the years to come.
Alice White
The old saying that you will always love your first — it’s NOT true! My entry into craft beer proves that. About 16 years ago, the guy I was dating at the time ordered us a Guinness on draft. I remember looking at it and thinking, Wow! This is dark, and look at that creamy head! It was different from what I had been drinking (illegally) with friends at a bonfires, house parties, driving back from the lake, and … well, you get it. This beer, unlike that light yellow fuzzy stuff, had my attention and I wanted more. Guinness was my first, but I’ve moved on over the years, falling in and out of love with several beers.
My love of beer — and introducing it to others — is one of the main reasons I post beer pics via social media. Memphis may not be Asheville or Portland, but the growing scene (four breweries now!) shows we’re still making an impact in the craft beer world. By no means am I an expert. I’m just a girl that knows what she likes and what she wants, a girl that thirsts for every opportunity to learn new things about my favorite drink, and a girl that appreciates every brewer out there for making what she loves. Cheers!
Blake Marcum
Blake has been on a self-described “beerventure,” to learn about beer and discover wonderful new styles and flavors for over 7 years.  He admits he was more of a quantity over quality drinker until a trip to Portland, where he first experienced a new world of craft breweries who were creating beer out of a passion for flavor and experience.  He remembers his first enlightened moment as a beer drinker vividly.
“I took a drink of this Winter Brown ale and immediately all I could think about was my brother and I at Christmas when I was 5.  The flavor set something off in me and everyone at the table noticed that I became very quiet.  I couldn’t believe a beer did that to me.  That experience had a big impact on me.” 
When he’s not shopping for beer, you can find Blake talking about beer with people around town, going to beer events, and enjoying a beer at one of the local taprooms or bars.  Rarely does he ever drink the same beer twice in a night.  Blake believes the only mistake a beer drinker can make, is refusing to try a beer simply because it isn’t what they normally drink.  While embracing all styles and flavors of beer, he prefers Belgian style beers above all others.  He also has an eternal love for Pumpkin and Christmas beer and passionately defends them against critics. 


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